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How to Find Freelance Work on the Web

How to Find Freelance Work on the Web

Find freelance work

Find freelance work

The Internet has been a great boon for freelancers from all walks of life. Websites such as provide a convenient, centralized location for freelancers and buyers to find each other.

Freelance listing sites contain job postings, evaluations and ratings for both freelancers and buyers, some type of escrow or secure payment service and, usually, a private message board where contacts can converse with each other over terms, qualifications, etc.

Usually set up as a reverse auction, freelancers (also referred to as “bidders”) compete with one another for posted positions. These freelance sites generally earn revenue from membership fees or from charging a small percentage of the awarded value of the project.

Some of the jobs commonly offered as freelance positions on the web are:

Writing – Various freelance boards offer excellent opportunities for dedicated, articulate writers able to write articles, sales copy, books, reports and other documents.

Administrative Services – Skills such as bookkeeping, transcription, typing and data entry are in high demand.

Internet Marketing/SEO Consultant – With the ever-increasing growth of websites in competition for client attention and search engine rankings, Internet marketing freelancers can choose from an almost unlimited pool of sites dedicated to all aspects of their trade including link exchange, keyword-rich article writing, and web site submissions.

Website Editing – The demand for good editors online is increasing daily. Knowledge of HTML and the most common web editing software programs is required.

Web Design and Programming– This market is a hard nut to crack, primarily because of over saturation. Designers who have competitive prices and who stay on the cutting edge of advancing technology can secure freelancing positions, but the competition is fierce.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing:

 Freelancers are in the unique position of expanding their business acumen by having the flexibility to embrace opportunity when it knocks. As the person in charge, the chance for adopting new and innovative ideas can be based solely on personal instincts and the thirst for success.

 Freelancers are essentially the masters of their own domain; therefore they are under few conventional restrictions in choosing exactly which projects to work on and what rate of pay they should charge.

 One of the most difficult hurdles that many freelancers encounter is the amount of competition they face when trying to establish a reputation as a credible freelance service provider. This often puts new freelancers in a catch-22 position: it is difficult to secure contracts without a proven track record, yet the only way to get that track record is by completing some contracts.

 Frequently, the only way to overcome the catch-22 mentioned above is to offer your services at a reduced fee until a substantial portfolio can be established.

 Freelancers also have to be able to practice sound financial management. Due to the ‘feast or famine’ nature of freelance work, you need to feel comfortable operating without the safety umbrella of a steady pay cheque.

So where do you find these freelancing sites?

The site that I rely on to hire freelancers is I’m delighted with the ease of use of  these site, and the quality of applications I receive. I’ve hired transcriptionists, writers and graphic designers through the sites.

There are many other professional, legitimate websites dedicated to satisfying supply and demand for quality freelancing services. Although these sites sometimes require nominal membership or finders’ fees, the terms and conditions are posted on the site for you to check out before signing up.

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