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Tips To Find the Best Freelancer

Tips to find the best freelancer.

Tips to find the best freelancer.

If you want to rocket your business into overdrive then you’ll need to learn how to outsource your product creation. Here are some steps to finding the best freelancer for the job you have, using the online freelance market place.

1. Create Your Project Description

Be clear about what it is that you need. Some marketers go in there and write one phrase like, eBook on parenting. Not only will you be leaving the door open for disaster, but you won’t get as many bids because you didn’t provide enough details.

What about it? Give a little more detail, or tell the providers that you’ll give more detail via a private message board if you prefer not to broadcast your ideas for everyone to see.

Here are some specifics you want to include: * How long you want the e-Book to be * What formatting you need it in?

With length, you may not know exactly but it’s good to give them an idea of about how long you need it, and in what time frame. Don’t expect to pay very little for a 100-page e-Book that you need in a week.

Always put your deadline earlier than when you really need it to allow for instances when the freelancer will be delayed in getting the project completed. You’ll want time to see what the finished product looks like so you can edit it to your own specifications if necessary.

2. Post Your Project

They have a project description form you fill out. You have about 50 characters for the title of the project. Think like a marketer here and pull in eyeballs using something promising, not vague and unclear or else they won’t waste their time.

Sometimes if He is trying to find a good ghostwriter, he’ll test them out on a small project first like some articles He can use for my affiliate marketing.

3. Pick the best freelancer

Once you start getting bids on your project, you want to weed through the providers and shortlist those you feel qualify for further consideration.


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